Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love paint chips

I have long been a fan of using paint chips on my cards. I think they are fun to work with and add an unexpected element to a card. They are very versatile -- you can stamp on them or use them like designer paper. They look fabulous when run thru an embossing folder -- an embossed paint chip really resembles an old embossed tin tile that's been painted.

The VSN challenge I hosted Saturday required everyone to use a paint chip in their cards, and people were wonderfully creative. This card is one I made as a sample, but didn't really use. I'm not sure I did it within the 45-minute time limit -- I was listening to a Braves' game while working, and probably doing a load of laundry besides, and just didn't keep an eye on the clock.

I loved the lemony yellows on this chip and thought it would go well with Flourishes lemon set. (I also entered this in Flourishes' birthday challenge.)

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