Friday, May 15, 2009

Get ready for VSN

It's VSN weekend at SCS. I've had the privilege of being one of the hostesses this go-round. Actually my challenge was several weeks ago as part of the mini-VSN day.

I came up with an usual challenge called blackjack, where various elements of a card were given a point value (stamped image 5 points, layer 1 point, etc) and challenged people to use the scale and create a card that would win at blackjack, meaning equal 21 points. Basically, it was a variation on a limited supply challenge.
Here is the card I created as a sample. Main image is by Autumn Leaves, and the sentiment is from a Faerie Song plate called Faeries Frolic. (I used several of the images from the plate in various challenges for the VSN mini). Points were 3 layers = 3 points, 2 stamped images for another 10, 2 patterned papers at 3 points each added another 6, and the 2 brads were worth a point each, for a total of 21.
I went out to look for yard sales this morning. I came across a little old lady who was selling a bunch of stuff super cheap. She had rolls of ribbon priced at 10 cents -- and that meant if she had 10 different ribbons wrapped around one paper-towel-type roll, you got them all for 10 cents. I grabbed several rolls. I'm not sure how useful some of it might be -- the satin is kind of old and faded looking, and stained where she had the ends taped to the roll. But there were a few I had to have, including a double-sided satin in my favorite shades of celery and a pale peachy-pink, as well as a red-and-white cotton gingham. Both of them appear to be in good shape. Once I find a use for them, I'll post a picture.

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