Friday, May 3, 2013

An unusual embellishment

Every once in a while, a challenge just seems tailor-made for a specific card.  This one, for example. Challenge #122 for 365 Cards is called "You Used What???" I used part of a belt.

The belt is made of interlocking loops, and it was simply too long. I realized I could just cut off a couple of the loops without hurting the rest of the belt and get it to a better length for my needs. After snipping off the leather (or probably pleather -- it's from Kohl's), I put them on my craft table.  When I decided to craft a little purse as an embellishment for this purse-themed card, I saw the belt remains laying there. I cut one of the loops and used it as a handle on the tiny handbag.
The stamps are from Purple Onion Designs. On the inside it says something like "too many purses, too many shoes or too many awesome friends."  Papers are by Heidi Grace.

The strangest thing I have ever seen used on a card was part of a chicken bone. A woman in a Yahoo group I'm in posted a picture of that card. What's the weirdest thing you've seen on a card?


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