Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's vimful!

The theme for a COTM I'm in this month is "at the movies." Having no appropriate stamps, I did a search for "vintage movie posters" and then searched movies from the 30s at the site I ended up at. I was looking for black and white posters, and figured movies in the 3os were B&W, so posters would be too. Actually, about 99 percent that I found were in full color. This poster for "Putting On the Ritz" was the closest I could find. When I tried changing it to all B&W however, it was really boring, so I printed it out in the original coloration.

(The writer part of me has to point out the wonderful wording on this poster -- "The Idol of Broadway in a tuneful song & dance extravaganza. Dynamic! Vimful! Glorious!" "Vimful" seems to have totally left the lexicon in the past 75 years, if it ever was a common word. "Vim" itself is rarely used, and only as part of the quaint expression "vim and vigor." ) Hmm, I would have guessed the star would be Fred Astaire, too.

Card is made using Card Positioning System Sketch 203 (CPS203). For RESQ68, it has all sorts of lines, including a line of half-pearls, a line of piercing along the edge where the two papers meet, and of course the line of stylized whatever you want to call those deco-style decorations on the paper (from Making Memories).

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  1. fabulous! Love the dp! Thanks for playing RESQ challenge this week!


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